28 Nov

Is Content still King?

this content Content is kingOnce upon a time there came that epiphany moment, that someone somewhere said ‘it’. And everyone realised, they had a point. http://falumuzeum.eu/minytka/1839 Content is indeed king. There was much metaphorical nodding, whilst fanfares were playing euphorically – ’it’s all about what we are saying’ and we all smiled like we’d unearthed some priceless gem. You may well have heard this phrase to the point that it now packs less of a punch, but is it still true?
Yes, it is. And it’s becoming more and more powerful.

http://www.lavozdeldesierto.com.ar/tymochka/4899 Along came the More hints Infographic and the fancy video and people thought yeah this is great, we can be visual, we like this. It’s short and snappy! But then many people took it too far. They crossed the line of content decency with sloppy copy, words that sounded good but meant nothing. They were accompanied by some shmancy visual so it was OK…

check these guys out site de rencontre femme canadienne But can you just mask your basic level copy with some uber fancy design work? … Well we don’t think so. Looks do matter (we’re shallow like that!) but that’s just the shell. The body of the copy is essential too, it can rail road your readers to take action, to fall in love with you and react – the difference between a sale and a ‘just browsing’.
So, don’t over egg the pudding, if you stuff your writing with too many wow words we can all see you’ve played a blinder with the thesaurus but it will in fact dilute the effect and make us realise you’re hiding something. We can easily see through it and identify that you don’t know your writing from your elbow. We’ll think that you are needing to use long words to hide the fact that you’ve got nothing to say and, even worse, we will question what your selling.

published here http://fili.hu/elisey/3717 Power words can punctuate sentences nicely if lightly sprinkled in the right place, but over-used can make a reader’s mind implode. If we have to think too hard about what you are saying, we’ll wander off to other more pressing issues of the day; what’s on TV this evening or what’s in the fridge. And then you’ve lost us!
So, think of them as trusty friends and choose your words wisely, therefore hiring an Agency with a copywriter or two is a good punt. They’ll do the legwork for you and research the backside out of your company, customers and brand voice. They can suggest what to say and where you’ll get the most impact.

A good lead will convert and good copy will always shine through.