17 Mar

The top 10 reasons to be self-employed

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There are many reasons why being self-employed beats working for an employer and these have to be my top 10:

go to this site 1. You can choose your hours and work from wherever you like. If you want to do your copywriting work from Starbucks you can!

http://vedantaiowa.org/?makrosyt=ukrainian-dating-site&a83=94 2. Work life balance does is an actual thing! Yep, you can see the kids grow up and enjoy writing websites and blogs too, who’d have thought it!

http://watergeefjedoor.nl/v1X4Y4hfx413E274j/I_24427_f 3. You can have a dress down day whenever you like. There’s no harm in having a PJ day, it can actually be quite relaxing and therefore productive.

rencontre femme abu dhabi 4. No- one steals your lunch. Although you still pretend they have so you can have double dinner!

Visit This Link 5. You can charge what you think each content writing or admin jobs are really worth. If you keep it real and affordable people will come back month on month.

chinese dating website new york 6. You can exercise in work hours, a sneaky run can help you think more clearly and some of my most creative ideas have come mid-run.

how to deal with online dating with multiple dates seniors 7. You get to work with such a variety of nice people and if they’re not you can choose not to work with them again

8. Life is a happier place, you may work more hours but they are happy hours doing things you love doing.

9. You can take a holiday or a day off whenever you would like to without having to get a string of forms authorised. Obviously not when you’re in the middle of a job though!

10. It’s liberating being self-employed and doing your own thing and there is lots of support out there working for sites such as www.peopleperhour.com for example is fabulous. No marketing set up costs and lots of resources to help you get started.